ReSounding Scotland

From Maes Howe to Rosslyn Chappel. Frequency and resonance were the ways of our ancestors. Exploring sound potentials applied within Reshel Grids to raise frequency globally.

Since 2007 active engagement to open the way for delivery of new energy technology embraced influencing the collective reality via higher dimensions of experience. This 'psi' level of engagement opened a profound awareness of the 'Edinburgh Matrix' along with strong connections with Scottish ancestry. The Edinburgh Matrix was uncovered through experience and subsequently validated through the work of William Buehler and the Reshel Grids, ( Continued exploration of the Reshel revealed an immense potential to influence events through psi level action. Through this continued work, a feminine, non-linear telluric matrix was also revealed in the ancient cup-stones of Scotland, and that this earth energy field was wholly responsive to resonance, the cup-stones themselves acting as resonant chambers directing energy flow.
 Visits to Rosslyn Chapel reveal that the so called crypt at the chapel is not a death chamber, but is in fact a resonant chamber, or more specifically to the cup-stone leys a resonant cavity.
Rosslyn Chapel is itself well mapped with regard to the Reshel Matrix such that the geometric and telluric grids intertwine, bringing together a masculine and feminine earth energy weave that has an extensive reach globally. The chapel itself is an alchemical construction of profound elegance. Although romanticised by the popularity of the da-vinci code, the significance of Rosslyn is renowned.
 A visit to Maes Howe this last winter solstice (2011) revealed a similar story. Considered a burial chamber by archaeologists, it clearly is not. Again, while there, it was evident that the chamber itself holds a deep resonance.
These combinations of resonant chambers aligned with Earth Grid locations have tremendous influence that suggests that the ancient ancestors had a deep knowing of the nature of frequency, resonance and energy relationships. To this day, our contemporary grasp of this understanding is in its infancy.
 The ReSounding Scotland Project seeks to further explore the energy - matter relationship and the application of frequency and resonance in the ancestral landscape.
 Currently a small team of people is forming with studied experience and research in both the Reshel and Telluric Earth Grids.
 This group will continue the study of sound, frequency and resonance as applied and utilised at Sacred Sites in Scotland. On-going research and recording is intended at sites across Scotland. The primary vision for this project is to bring a group of committed individuals together from locations throughout Scotland to coordinate a day of sound and frequency at a range of sites, with the intent of consciously influencing the resonance of the collective energy field to accomodate greater acceptance of the potential to establish a more harmonious reality for all.
If you live near one of these sites and feel that you could offer the commitment, both in research and on the day, please do get in touch.

Project Requirements

The primary requirement at present is the bringing together of people willing to commit to this project. If those people also have access to scientific/recording equipment this would be a great asset.

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