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All intelligence, and thus knowledge transfer happens through connection, merging and interaction or energy interface. Education will care to enable the child to make sense of the world by introducing the child to relationship and engagement within its environment. From birth until death the process of maturational development will be honoured through the re-introduction of ‘Rites of Passage’. From birth until puberty the primary focus will be enrichment of individuality within the environment and community. A child’s enrichment will be nurtured through relationship within a context of ‘extended family’, where community is the basis rather than blood. In such a context the care of the community will be to identify the uniqueness of the child as they develop and to then enrich the child accordingly with resources and knowledge related to the child’s natural curiosity. Schooling will be transformed into life learning facilities. Schools will become centres of learning, open to the whole community at any stage of their life, such that learning can be undertaken in alignment with desire to know.

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