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The degradation of the environment continues unchecked and pollutants continue to be recklessly dumped in the environment. For forty years the globalist intent of the UN has assumed representation of the people of the Earth to further its own agenda – Agenda 21. Disguided as 'sustainable development' (which sounds like a good thing), the impetus is economic and not environmental. The environmental concerns are very valid, but the proposed strategies for addressng these concerns are hopelessly inadequate. Carbon trading does nothing to deal with cumulative pollutants discharged in to the environment and assessments based of Carbon tax are stupidly short-sighted. Other primary strategies are positively harmful, biomass, unconventional oil and gas, and geoengineering specifically. To then ploy back onto the consumer with 'user pays' strategies of smart meters under the guise of regulating efficient usage is a sad reflection of JP Morgan addressing Nikola Tesla. New energy technologies have been proven to not only be non-polluting but also beneficial to environmental restoration. Much needs to be done with a degree of urgency to restore a healthy bio-sphere.

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