Event Zero

White Feather Dreaming focussed on the intent of a major, globally broadcast stadium event powered by New Energy.

To establish new energy technology as a definitive solution to the global energy crisis. Three coordinated events will initiate the implementation of new energy and the subsequent delivery of technology to enable global transformation of energy sourcing. Event Zero Website

Envision a world where energy is freely available. A world where abundance is the foundation of cultural stability. A world where all people are enriched to share their gifts within community. These may be considered utopian dreamings, but the potential change that new energy can deliver can also enable this visioning. The science associated with new energy will also transform our industrial infrastucture with non-polluting technology, transportation and manufacture. It will transform our relationship to health and well being, as the relationship of energy and matter is better understood. Allow your imagination to vision a world free from the many dysfunctions of the current times. This can be accomplished, as imagination always precedes freedom and new energy is free energy.
New Energy is viable as a catalyst in transforming our contemporary world reality. However, to carry through this potential of change is not as straight forward as introducing only the technologies. The science of new energy technology requires a radical shift of mind-set in both scientific understanding and world-view.

As Tom Bearden clarified, in the 1997 video 'Free Energy: The Race to Zero Point', a water-wheel, or windmill, can be viewed as a free energy device. An open system where the environment furnishes energy into the system, such that the system then utilises that input to generate output, is a free energy device. Contemporary science has validated that the vacuum of space is highly charged with energy. It is the vacuum of space that is the environment from which energy is sourced in new energy science. However, laws of science that only focus on the dynamics of matter do not allow access to the energy within the void.

The energy laws of thermodynamics have bound us in a reality of finite energy and an environment of entropic existence. The 1980 discovery by Benoît Mandelbrot of infinite fractal geometrical logic is considered to be the greatest mathematical discovery in human history. This, when considered alongside quantum science and the multi-dimensional nature of energetic manifestation requires that we open our conceptual belief structures to a more open system of understanding and interpreting reality.

Infinity, zero and fractal dynamics have confounded the sciences throughout history. While we engage life quantatively, we will equate zero with no-thing and fail to comprehend the awesome potential of the 'void'. The Planks constant is a scientific model to enable maintaining scientific/mathematical theory when confronted with infinity. Yet Planks constant remains a convenience and not an actuality. Denial of zero and infinity confine us to the limits of 3D perception, and the outcome we witness is the entropic demise of our reality structures.

Infinity was carried forward into early European views from Aristotle and Greek philosophy. Aristotle's writings were the first to create a comprehensive system of Western philosophy, encompassing morality and aesthetics, logic and science, politics and metaphysics. When engaging infinity, theology, ethics, and aesthetics can not be ignored. Immanuel Kant, considered to be one of the world’s greatest philosophers and the foremost thinker of the Age of Enlightenment, maintained that transfer of information energy was held to occur through musical harmonics and beautiful thought forms that resonated as part of the functioning of an infinite universe. While Newtonian mechanistic science has enabled us to realise remarkable technical accomplishment, it has also eroded the value of ethic and morality and defies aesthetics.

Aesthetics is the branch of philosophy that deals with the principles of beauty and artistic taste. Aristotle considered ethics to be about the human ‘virtues’ such as love, beauty, compassion, justice, and wisdom, which could be used to benefit the individual and society. Immanuel Kant associated ethics with the functioning of a universal knowledge. As Benoît Mandelbrots' mathematical genius has confirmed infinity we could appreciate science that embraces infinity may also facilitate a reformation of human values of ethics, morality and aesthetics.

The solutions offered by infinity, zero and new energy are beneficial across a broad spectrum of current collective dysfunction. Implementation of new energy technology will also empower radical shifts in human perceptual and sensual engagement with life as values of ethic, morality and aesthetic are integrated within the culture of new understanding. In this way the intent to enhance beauty, elegance, and the art of living becomes service to the natural unfoldment that is coded within the very matrix of time/space, which is the source, the energy environment, by which new energy technology is accomplished.

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