Green Fibre Communications

Green Fibre Communications - dedicated to the bright future and 5th World Assemblage. The peoples' resolution for solution and how our determination will see it happen

A 'Green Fibre' is an unconditional energy connection between human beings.
Green Fibre Communications' primary intent is to opperate within this field of unconditional human connectivity.
A basic premise is held that it is absolutely possible for us, the people, to create a stunningly beautiful reality for our life experience.

The task at hand is significant. Collectively we must recognise the possibility for future generations and commit to generating that future now.


GFC is committed to the service of solution. Solutions through which a 'return to the garden' is made possible and the birthright of all people to beauty, power, knowledge and freedom, through the sharing of the individual Soul Self is the only viable state of 'True Humanness'.

Quality before Quantity
Cooperation before Competiton
Promote before Protest

Project Requirements

The primary requirement at the moment is that you do sign up and participate in the network.

Project Resources

Digital media production facilities via GFC Productions

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