Donald J. Trump and The Deep State

When the uninitiated think of the “Deep State,” they tend to imagine a group of men getting together in a room, smoking cigars and plotting world domination. But the Deep State is not one coordinated network of people controlling the government from the shadows. 

Instead, it refers to individuals and groups that have the resources to shape the direction of the world to their benefit and don’t hesitate to make use of them. At times, the interests of different factions of the Deep State collide. That often happens when the direction of the world is rapidly changing, as is the case now after the election of Donald Trump. 

Nobody knows this better than Peter Dale Scott, the foremost expert on the US Deep State. In the full article @ the web site url, you will find a new introduction to the paperback version of The American Deep State: Big Money, Big Oil, and the Struggle for U.S. Democracy, Updated Edition (copyright 2017), (with permission of the publisher, Rowman & Littlefield. All rights reserved). 

Peter Dale Scott is a former Canadian diplomat, Professor of English at the University of California, Berkeley, co-founder of the Peace and Conflict Studies program at Berkeley, poet, and 2002 recipient of the Lannan Poetry Award. 

The full article covers

What Is Meant by the Deep State?

The Current Divisions in America and Its Wealth

American Politics and the Increase in Wealth Disparity

Turkey and the International Deep State

Trump and the International Deep State

The “Party of Davos” and the “New New International Order”

Well worth a read!

The Deep State - those who shape the direction of the world to their own benefit

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Created: Wed 29 Mar 2017