To manage a transformation that impacts the whole collective for the better, massive infrastructure change is required, implemented for smooth transition without destructive chaos.
 Energy sourcing and supply, transportation method and power, All could have changed 50yrs ago. Over Unity technology is proven. ZeroPoint technologies are proven at proof of principle. Antigravitic technologies have been the subject of military black ops since the 1950’s. Extra-terrestrial technology has been back engineered.
Under the control of the ‘money changers’, the concept of wealth becomes one of ‘having’ and leads to attitudes of hoarding as having more gives apparent power over those who have less. The entropic 4th world economy is based on this approach to wealth and power. This greed motivation has created the scenario whereby R&D funding has been witheld from technologies that would affect the revenue interests of large corporations, governemnets included.
Contemporary energy sourcing/supply that maintains our dependence on combustible fuels and the petro-chemical industry as the mainstay of our transport systems and powering of industry and
home is fundamnentally idiotic. Our current energy policy is harmful to all life and founded on the 'taker' attitude of the money changers. In our urban city lifestyles, we are an energy dependant people, expecting energy supply for the gadgetry of technological advance while dependant on extortionate and escalating fuel costs. As a placebo for the harm of an oil based energy supply our industry bosses present false solutions in startegies of carbon emission footprints and the introduction of such attention diverting methods as carbon credits. These strategies accomplish next to nothing in addressing the seriousness of the environmental situation. In fact, they are a further emotive manipulation in that they invest a sense of moral correctitude in individuals and excuse for industry while product consciousness and the manipulation of the conceptual needs of the people continues feeding the irresponsibility that drives profit motive ever onward.
Resources must be directed to R&D New technologies that can meet energy demand without further harming life. New energy is being sourced in the arena of contemporary science that recognises that the energy in matter represents only a small percentage of the energy present in creation. Sourcing the energy that is not in matter is the quest of new energy research. Tesla's famous comment at the beginning of the twentieth century stated that "It is only a matter of time... ". R&D of this potential should be flooded into this arena as a matter of urgency. Cap and Trade and Carbon credits merely provide a new stock on the markets. These methods are invested in profilt potential and do nothing to reduce pollutants enetering the environment. To access an INFINITE energy source will transform our capacity in all respects of maintenance and renewal of the current dysfunctional infrastructure. Not only will it heal the calamatous outcome of combustibles, but it is predicted that new energy technologies will have a restorative affect in harmonising environments. Alongside this the arenas of new technological developments, particularly related to transportation will yield incredible opportunity for those engaging the manufacturing sector.
To not recognise the capacities of already proven sciences is worse than insane. However, science and the technological advancements are engaging dimensions beyond 3D. In bringing these technologies to bear in transforming the industrial infrastructure, the multi-dimensional nature of our existence must be recognised and embraced, along with the ethical and moral behavioural attitudes that facilitate the perceptual cognition of energy dynamics in other dimensions. Therefore, it is equally important that the development of consciousness be engaged with equal maturity. The seperatist attitude of self-serving business must be facilitated to recognise that engagement with Infinite energy is an exchange born of connectivity. Universal energy expresses within dynamics of elegant intlligence and the opportunity exists to benefit all ~ no one loses.

To manage a transformation that impacts the whole collective for the better, massive infrastructure change is required, implemented for smooth transition without destructive chaos.

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Created: Fri 25 Nov 2011
Updated: Tue 28 Mar 2017