Self Authority

Scarcity consciousness is not human nature, it is the outcome of cultural inheritance of a people growing through evolutionary cycles which has been predominantly focussed on survival.

Abdication of Self-responsibility has been a powerful force across time administered by religion and work ethic, which since the collective trauma of two world wars (which gave rise to the current oil hegemony) has lost any relation to moral value. We are at a threshold of evolution that bears reference to past process that only facilitates appreciating how we got into such a mess now.

One of the most shocking experiences of my personal journey was the day that the recognition dawned that 'new' means NEW. i.e. What will come will bear no relation to what is known. I feel that the pitfalls we all are prone to is born of attempting to accomodate change within the context of the current, where the current process of human evolution is radically new. The description of the world of our inheritence comes from religious claim to authority of spirit and scientific claim to authority of matter. So much of what human consciousness is attempting to assimilate is that spirit and matter are unified in human beings in a manner that empowers self authority in an individual. The individual self has culturally been subject to external authority in religion, science, education, rulership and so many other ways. In fact the description of correctness is pinned to being receivers of survival means.
The leaden weight of the scarcity and survival fear exerts a toll of inertia against the willingness to fully assume the Self Authority required to command the choice for a better world. Our determination to be accountable individually includes that we be prepared to rise above the self-abandonment we inflict upon ourselves by submitting our Individual Sovereignty to any external authorities.

That personal integrity is the world’s scarcest commodity is not surprising as integrity is the first sacrifice when abandoning self and while we can blame, judge and condemn the unethical behaviour of external authorities, to do so only keeps us from any hope of reclaiming our own integrity.

The collective remains extremely vulnerable to emotive manipulation because it remains largely within child motivation with need for approval (adequate salary/wage =  you're doing well), recognition (status/credit =  you're worthy), security (mortgaged property = slave to usury = security of living) and acceptance (correct social attitudes within a spiritual/religious standard).

Authority was stolen from people at the point of the blade once we learned to smelt metals. Now we have mutually assured nuclear destruction and despotic abuse of covert new energy and anti-gravitic development by authorities that seek to maintain domination. However, the very science that brought us to this is bound in the closed system laws of thermodynamics and the structures it has created are indeed entropic. The financial system of the elites has fallen apart and they know change is here. Truth Amnesty worked in healing Apartheid and will likely be required in coming days. However, the greatest challenge we face is to embrace maturity in reclaiming individual authority for our choices through this evolutionary process.

Ancient Greek sciences embraced Infinity and Zero, fundamentals of new energy science. They also appreciated aesthetics. They maintained that wisdom was brought to human consciousness through energy transfer. This transfer of information energy was held to occur through musical harmonics and beautiful thought forms that resonated as part of the functioning of an Infinite universe. Would access to the energy of the void not also be a process of energy transfer?  It is this perceptual grasp that is the foundation of ethics and morality. It is fruitless to approach the unethical for ethical solution. Therefore the delivery of new energy and all other transformative solutions will emerge from those who, through their personal choice to enhance their reality, cultivate an intent for a better world and discover security of self on one planet in a Universe of billions of Galaxies that is clearly abundant in its manifestations. Scarcity is the antithesis of this reality.

It is for this purpose that I have created the GFC Network. Formative, yes, but it is for us all.

Self Authority v's Scarcity consciousness

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Created: Tue 28 Mar 2017
Updated: Tue 28 Mar 2017