Resonant Exchange Economy

The concept of a Resonant Exchange Economy stems from the recognition that in life, all there is, is energy. from the smallest sub-atomic quanta to the magnitude of stars, everything is energy expressing as the manifest. Even the void of Universal Space is now recognised to be charged with energy. Consider, for a moment, the incredible complexity of your own body. Billions of cells self-organise, blood flows through millions of channels to get oxygen to your cells. Every cell wall has a membrane that interacts with the incredible chemistry that is in constant flux as you experience. It is all going on, all of the time, and we hardly even need to give it a second thought, as it is autonomic. Yet the physical body is only one aspect of your presence in life. The Human Being is an electric/magnetic, psychic/kinetic energy space, within which the physical body exists.

The laws of repulsion and attraction are the substance of the electric/magnetic aspect of the human energy field. We feel the charge, and where there is resonance, we feel attracted to or keep away from. The psychic/kinetic aspect is our response based on our known experiences through the physical experiences of life and how life impacts us. Consider, for a moment, the incredible processes and chemistry going on in the human brain, all of the time, even while we're sleeping. It's electric, neural pathways sparking and stimulating chemical releases. The nervous system transporting information to the organs and all around the body, and it never ceases. All of the time we are in interaction with all of the energies within our environment. Our perceptual senses are receiving all of the stimulus around us, and that in turn stimulates the activity of the brain. The brain itself translates the stimulus into perception and our world is created, as we perceive it. Yet we know that two (or more) people can be present within the same experience and that their response to the experience will be uniquely individual. If it were simply data processing, the world would be bland. Each individual processes the stimulus according to their previous experience of similar stimulus. Here is where the psychic/kinetic comes into play. Our memory influences how we act, or react.

It is also so that we inherit characteristics that are carried forward from our parents and primary image makers along with that which is embedded in our DNA coding. This lays a foundation of our response patterning, although we are not our parents and it is often shocking when we find ourselves responding like our parents. The psychic frame to our experience has a foundation in all that is inherited as belief patterning. It has a powerful influence over our movements in life. This is very evident in the scenario of a child prodigy. That talent is already coded within them. It is so for everyone, that while we may not manifest the mastery of a prodigy, we all have abilities that seem quite natural to us. Similarly there will be arenas of life that hold a strong attraction to us. This quality of experience seems to be already coded into our nature. Our ability to follow these traits has a huge impact on our psychic presence in life that shapes our self-concept within the culture and community we live within. Similarly, we all aspire to learn new skills and abilities and these aspirations are also uniquely personal.

Learning, developing new skills, and even expressing our talents, all require interaction with others. All engage processes of exchange. The psyche is dealing with the dichotomy between individuation and unity. The ego attempts to master individuation, while eros stirs hunger for unification. How we accommodate this in our presence of being underpins our psychic energy. The shaping of our self-concepts often hangs on our ability to integrate within norms of conformity. Even radical groups have codes of conformity in terms of 'being a part' (individual) of the group (unify). It is fairly apparent how this influences behaviour. We learn the behavioural modalities that allow us to feel a sense of belonging according to the 'norm' of that which we seek to belong with.

How we select the alignments we choose is another story. That which attracts already holds resonance related to that which is felt as self. Curiously, it is often the deeper hungers felt that are sacrificed for the sake of conformity. Our imagination is drawn by that which is already resonant within our energy field. If the charge didn't exist within us, we wouldn't be drawn by the symbols that compose our imagination. This is important to understand, because even though we are capable of suppressing energies into our subconscious (even unconscious) mind, the resonance will remain in our energy space and will attracts events and experiences in life specific to the charge held in the energy field, conscious or not.

What does this have to do with economy? EVERYTHING. Economy is established on what we, as a collective give value to. While money is the substance of economy, it is widely recognised that money is a symbol for energy, the purpose of which is to make exchange easier. Collectively we have defined wealth quantitatively and the demand to accumulate and have money has clouded the foundation of value. As with learning, all trade is made through relationship and engaging. It is the inter-action through which exchange is established and the exchange occurs at all levels of energy. Money is intended to represent the value of the exchange that takes place. The greed motive of accumulation reinforces separation and not union. While the collective functions in the deepest of mistrust and taker attitude, separation from self is perpetuated. This is the deepest pain that a human can experience and furthers the loss of all values that maintain self-respect and dignity.

When value is returned to the capacity for individuals to fulfill themselves by unfolding the natural skills, abilities, talents and gifts that are an integral part of their energy make up, the process of open-hearted relating will allow the resonance of their nature to express. Then the guidance, mentoring or tutelage can be oriented towards aligning them with the resources to follow their inherent interest. It is an unavoidable fact that all exchange occurs through union, founded in relating. The current methodologies of economy move further and further away from this basic truth, as the economy itself moves further away from any value backed currency into fiat digits in computer systems.

Resonant Exchange Economy is exactly as it describes. Where there is resonance, there is stimulus, connection and relationship - exchange occurs. Once liberated from 'taker' energetics of a separatist economy, gratitude becomes a natural emotion that is honoured in giving. Alongside this, when attention is turned from getting, one can begin to appreciate that individual contribution can enhance the whole. When this is recognised, money becomes truly like the blood within the body. It flows to every part of the organism to ensure its oxygen supply for life. Similarly, resources can flow to ensure that every cell of the human collective can fulfill its function. Having and hoarding attempts to control and lock down resources, often because of fear of chaos, or anarchy. Yet fractal mathematics is based on chaotic systems...   Fractals are beautiful. Can we not trust the self-organising chaos of the human collective to manifest beautifully?

How did you enhance your reality today?

The concept of a Resonant Exchange Economy stems from the recognition that in life, all there is, is energy. from the smallest sub-atomic quanta to the magnitude of stars, everything is energy expressing as the manifest.

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Created: Sat 28 Jan 2012
Updated: Tue 28 Mar 2017