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We live in a time of tremendous potential for the human collective. The transformation of consciousness that is taking place now is the evolution of the human being into the expression of a ‘True Human’. This is a person who is ‘one-hearted’, free of hidden agenda or motive, where the Individual Soul Self is expressed in betterment of the whole community. The 5th World of True Humans will actualise a culture that seeks to enrich the uniqueness of individuality and empower an aesthetic that cultivates the expression of elegance and beauty as the foundation of culture.

The category structure within the site is based on the necessity of change required to actualise this transformation. Change is urgently required, let it begin with you. If you are invloved in any projects that address the issues outlined below, please, post those projects here, and by your participation on this site, be seen as one of the shining ones.

Arenas that MUST undergo change to assemble a bright future.

Energy Sourcing and Security

Energy sourcing is a tap root of many of the serious issues currently facing the human collective. The scale of energy demand is significant, and yet most of our energy sourcing is harmful when it need not be. While renewables offer some remedy they do not meet the demand for change. Of course renewables are supported and projects for renewables welcomed, but there is solution that is still being largely ignored and until very recently suppressed.
New energy from new sciences such as over unity, antigravitic and zero-point technologies could be developed and deployed to supply unlimited free energy. The demand for change is pushing desperate strategies, unconventional oil and gas extraction (fracking) and nuclear, while wars are fought over securing energy supply. New Energy offers solution, but as it was one hundred years ago when JP Morgan cut off funding to Nikola Tesla, it remains today ~ "If you can't put a meter on it... "

Fractional Reserve Banking and Usury

Fractional Reserve Banking is the sanctioned method of creating money and usury (application of interest on loans) is accepted without a second thought, and yet it is absolutely clear that contemporary economic practice is unsustainable. National debts are heaped on the citizens who are oppressed by scarcity and lack at all levels, burdened by indebtedness the work ethic becomes wage slavery and survival instinct renders moral value as null. For our modern world to develop of course trade must be sustained, but growth will never be vibrant while delivered with debt. Adam Smith, who wrote that the "real price of every thing ... is the toil and trouble of acquiring it" The Theory of Moral Sentiment (1759), established an economic model based on scarcity. Two hundred and fifty years plus on, we must recognise that an Infinite Universe is abundant and establish new standards accordingly. If Infinity is proven through fractal recursion, then may fractional reserve banking be eliminated through Fractal Unreserved Benevolence.

The Military Industrial Complex

It was the Rothschild family who, in the wars of Napoleonic conquest, recognised the opportunity for profit in war. Funding both sides with loans ensured maximising the profit potential as usury was already accepted practice and thus it mattered not who won the war. The Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC), (historical root of BP), played a significant part in influencing the outcome of the world wars, as Iranian oil fueled the british fleet. Oil and war reap huge profits. The military industrial complex has a foundation in a permanent war economy. Industrial and technological advance originates in military research and development (R&D), and wars continue to be fought to secure oil supply. Military budgets are massive, while it is known that the public budget figures are only part of the story. Black budget funding enables covert black ops. The covert nature of military action over the last century is appaling. Truth amnesty enabled the end of aparthied in S Africa. Truth amnesty will be required to relieve development from the clutch of the military industrial complex.

Environmental Degradation

The degradation of the environment continues unchecked and pollutants continue to be recklessly dumped in the environment. For forty years the globalist intent of the UN has assumed representation of the people of the Earth to further its own agenda – Agenda 21. Disguided as 'sustainable development' (which sounds like a good thing), the impetus is economic and not environmental. The environmental concerns are very valid, but the proposed strategies for addressng these concerns are hopelessly inadequate. Carbon trading does nothing to deal with cumulative pollutants discharged in to the environment and assessments based of Carbon tax are stupidly short-sighted. Other primary strategies are positively harmful, biomass, unconventional oil and gas, and geoengineering specifically. To then ploy back onto the consumer with 'user pays' strategies of smart meters under the guise of regulating efficient usage is a sad reflection of JP Morgan addressing Nikola Tesla. New energy technologies have been proven to not only be non-polluting but also beneficial to environmental restoration. Much needs to be done with a degree of urgency to restore a healthy bio-sphere.

Product Consciousness and Profit greed

‘Product Consciousness’ has overwhelmed the markets of commerce. It no longer matters if the product fulfils a collective need, it only matters if the marketeer can make a sale and there are no moral codes to that end. The use of media to manipulate the collective with regard to its needs has reached unprecedented levels. The market place is swamped with low quality merchandise (normally plastics) and throw away convenience items. Products are manufactured with built in dysfunctionality, or intentionally planned obsolescence, to ensure further sales. Product consciousness, profit motive and individual greed has created a cultural pattern that establishes addictive need behaviours and then feeds them with absolute disregard for aesthetic, value or harmony with any aspect of life. A fundamental re-eVALUEation needs to take place:

Quality before Quantity
Cooperation before Competition
Promote before Protest

The Pharmaceutical Industry

On multiple fronts, with military organisations in the USA (the CDC and the ‘National Institute for Health’ both being military organisations), and allied relationships on the global stage with the World Bank, World Trade Organisation (WTO), World Health Organisation (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), the Codex Alimentarius Commission, the GAVI alliance including the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and PATH, the human DNA genome is being subject to covert interference. There is great cause for concern with vaccine programmes, indirect fertility control or protection against manufactured pandemics (e.g. avian flu), where the justification is often hidden inside the commonly promoted media content as if "it is for your own good". This is an alarmingly similar manner to the promotion of 'sustainable development', which sounds like a good idea. The pharmaeutical industry will create a problem and sell the remedy.


All intelligence, and thus knowledge transfer happens through connection, merging and interaction or energy interface. Education will care to enable the child to make sense of the world by introducing the child to relationship and engagement within its environment. From birth until death the process of maturational development will be honoured through the re-introduction of ‘Rites of Passage’. From birth until puberty the primary focus will be enrichment of individuality within the environment and community. A child’s enrichment will be nurtured through relationship within a context of ‘extended family’, where community is the basis rather than blood. In such a context the care of the community will be to identify the uniqueness of the child as they develop and to then enrich the child accordingly with resources and knowledge related to the child’s natural curiosity. Schooling will be transformed into life learning facilities. Schools will become centres of learning, open to the whole community at any stage of their life, such that learning can be undertaken in alignment with desire to know.

The Sex Industry

Sex is natural and beautiful. The separation of consciousness from the sanctity of life is also underpinned by the removal of sexuality from the sacred in the concept of original sin and demonising female sexuality. Sex is sacred. Sex creates life. Censorship and prohibition are not the routes to addressing the shadow manifestations of the sex industry. The sex industry is a powerful structure of wealth generation that the collective is in denial of. This denial is the industries success, as it is built on the guilt, shame and fear that oppressive attitudes towards sex and erotica have created. In its darkest expressions the sex business uses these very energetics to feed it success and growth. To transcend the dark nature of the sex industry we must collectively restore the attitiude of sex as natural, beautiful and sacred. Integration of sexuality in this way can create a cultural expression of the erotic elegance of life.

Justice and Judiciary

Our judicial systems serve the corporatation, not justice. The foundations of constitutions in many parts of the world stem from English Common Law, while Roman law bears significant influence in legal systems. There is a difference between 'lawful' and 'legal'. Anything in our constitution including common law is lawful (true law). Any acts that parliament have passed are legal, these will be in the form of acts or statute laws, these “legal” acts should not contradict common law or what’s in our constitution. In view of this, if parliament wanted to pass new legal acts etc it had to find a way of doing it and making it enforceable. Admiralty law provided the model for this. Admiralty law requires the swearing of an oath to obey. It became a legal contract and so it was enforceable. We are compelled to live under Admiralty Law or "the law of the sea" without even realising it and without realising that all commerce is based in the concept of bilateral contract. A statute law, or act, in legal terms is defined as “an act given the force of law by the consent of the governed". Note it says consent, so if you don’t consent to it and there is no contract between yourself and the other party it is not law.
A register of birth certificate represents a contract your parents made on your behalf. An individual is not bound by this contract as they were not consenting of their own free will. The legal system adopts many strategies to gain consent, and most people are unaware of these methods. Admiralty law, now essentially forms the basis of commercial law under the principle of contract. Your birth certificate contracts you as commodity of the state. This is not so if you do not consent to this contract.

Dissaffected Youth

Rites of passage serve awareness of every stage of unfolding individuality.

Aesthetic Value

Aesthetics and the value of beauty bear a direct relation to establishing moral codes and ethics that are not dependent on the rigid rules and laws of a culture bound within only 3 dimensions of experience.

Multi-Dimensional Awareness

That we, as a collective, can open ourselves to a multi-dimensional awareness is possibly one of the most important aspects of our capacity for change at this time. Spirit (dimensions beyond matter) has been the domain of religion, and matter (3D) the domain of science. The scientific laws of thermodynamics have bound scientific understanding within three dimensions and the inevitable entropy of all energy within closed systems. Leonardo de Vinci defined the most important receptor to scientific enquiry as the eye. This is a grave limitation that further divorces the collective from a true aesthetic value and causes scepticism about the unseen 'energy' realms. Science condemns Infinity and outlaws zero, going to great lengths to find avoidance strategies (the Planks constant), and yet fractal mathematics has proven Infinity and the void holds the energy of collective solution. The biggest problem we face seems to be that there are certain ethical rules and laws that apply in order to understand and access energy of 'other' dimensions. The first perhaps being that there is no seperation. The acts that have created so many of the dysfunctions we now need to change can only be made from seperation. Therefore to open the portal of dimensions beyond the known three requires a maturation that enables recognition of connectedness within the whole. "Me / mine", "You / yours" seems to be one of the biggest obstacles to this.

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The recently published Bedini SG Handbook gives you the most detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build one. It gives the exact recommendations on the parts to use, size of wire, etc... By following these instructions, anyone can build a Bedini SG.

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